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Earth Hour 2009

>> Wednesday, March 25, 2009

With less than 5days to go before our planet switches off, its time to tell your friends,family and everyone you know about Earth Hour.
  • To date we have more than 23,000 individuals,companies,schools and organizations that have signed up in Malaysia.
  • More than 350 companies have pledged their support
  • More than 9 events have been planned for you to celebrate Earth Hour with. (Log on to earthhour.org/malaysia -> events for details)
  • 2140 cities have pledged their support to go dark in support of Earth Hour, this is more than the target of 1,000 cities that was set for Earth Hour 2009
  • Earth Hour Facebook Group has more than 35,000 friends and growing by the day
  • Earth Hour Malaysia Youtube channel now has all video's and tv commercials
  • KLCC,Dataran Merdeka,KL Tower,Putrajaya are amongst the famous Malaysian icons that have confirmed their participation and more will be updated on earthhour.org/malaysia -> news

10 Things To Do During Earth Hour

1. Gather family & friends for a night picnic
2. Dine in one of the many Earth Hour participating restaurants by candlelight
3. Organise a family night playing board games
4. Throw an Earth Hour street party with your neighbours
5. Arrange a house party lit by torches
6. Take the dog for a night walk
7. Hand write a letter to loved one by lantern
8. Sit in the dark and share stories
9. Read a book using a book light
10. Share a romantic night in with your loved one

60 Earth Hour

8.30pm Saturday March 28, 2009
Lights-off to see your world in a new light.

Join us and spread the word by

  • Adding earthhour@live.com.sg for updates on the Earth Hour initiative and be connected with other supporters.
  • Viewing the Earth Hour 2009 video here to find out more about the importance of global action on climate change and how your participation can make a difference.
  • Adding “I support Earth Hour 2009” or “I Vote Earth!” to your Windows Live Messenger name field.
  • Registering at www.earthhour.org.my and switching off your lights for an hour on Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 8:30 pm.
  • Inviting your family, friends and colleagues to do the same by letting them know that you are participating in Earth Hour and that they should as well.

WWF Show us your support and see the difference you can make.


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